The waiting room is clean and has great TV and toys to entertain the kids.  The staff is friendly and very kind to even the most timid children.  We had an overall great experience so far with both our children. 
K.M.  5/9/13

The staff are very professional and helpful toward our son’s needs.
Stephen D.  5/9/13

Excellent staff – Put kids at ease.  Great personality – great demeanor.
Michael F. 5/9/13

Staff was excellent with my daughter!  She was very nervous about some teeth that had been injured and they put her at complete ease.  Very friendly and caring.
Jennifer D.  5/9/13

I have always been very happy with the office and the staff.  Always very patient and great with my son. 
P.C.  5/9/13

Dr. Buccino and his team are very good with my children and do a great job at explaining any issues with their teeth.  My children like going there and are made very comfortable. 
Bill Wienski  5/8/13

Thanks for being so great to my kids.  They are always excited to go to the dentist and not scared at all.  The staff are great! 
Jennifer S.  5/8/13

I showed up late thinking the appointment was at 4:30 pm.  I should have been here at 4 pm.  I was greeted very nicely and my children were taken at 4:30 pm. 
Anne-Marie P. 5/8/13

Very responsive to specific day of the week as needed.  Staff was very enthusiastic to see our son.  I would recommend my family and friends here to get the same experience we received. 
Linda L.  5/8/13

My children actually enjoy going to the dentist.  They explain everything they are going to do before they do it. 
Melissa C.  5/7/13

Such a great experience!  My children did very well because of the friendly and kind hygienists.  This is a place where everyone should bring their children for their pediatric dentistry needs. 
Helda G.  5/7/13

Highly recommended by our pediatrician and friends.  Only one in the area to accept younger than 3 year old children and great modern equipment. 
Norma D.  5/6/13

It was a very good experience for my daughter.  She didn’t feel so nervous or scared because they talked to her the whole time and let her know what was going on.  She even had some laughs and I had no worries. I knew she was going to be fine.  She said she loved it here. 
Heather Ferland  5/6/13

Very satisfied! 
Darcey Prenda  5/6/13

I enjoy the visits. 
A. N.  5/6/13

The staff was very pleasant and informative.  We have been coming to the office for the past 7 years and it has been a great experience.
Helena N.  5/6/13

My daughter’s teeth came out great.  Every one of the staff were so helpful with her orthodontic experience here.  I would recommend Dr. Oliveira to my friends for their kids braces. 
Deborah S.  5/6/13

Overall, my experience has always been good.  Office is clean, people are pleasant, and having an option so close to home saves me a lot of time. 
Allison D.  5/4/13

Week days are busy, so it was great to have a Saturday option for appointments.  Very thorough and took time to explain and suggest.  Always very cheerful – very good with our girls.
K. P.  5/4/13

Everyone is so pleasant, making it a great experience for a child. 
J.N. 5/1/13

Feel like we have very good care here.  My child feels comfortable coming here and is not afraid.  Everyone is very nice and accommodating. 
Lyndi L.  5/1/13

Appointment was on time.  Friendly and informative staff.
D. A. 5/1/13

I feel your services were excellent and enjoyed the way you explained everything to me and addressed al my concerns.
Mark Tatarczuk  5/1/13

We have been very pleased with the professional service.
S.C. 5/1/13

I am really happy with the care at Kids Dental.  The team has a great attitude!
Paula C.  5/1/13

Dr. Buccino and his team are fantastic.  We always feel very welcome and staff is always pleasant.  It’s amazing to me that my kids prefer the dentist over the pediatrician.  Lori Simoes  5/1/13

Excellent staff.  My kids are made to feel comfortable.
A. M. 5/1/13

I am pleased with the accommodations to my child.  She has been here since her 1st visit and Dr. and assistants have always made her feel more comfortable.
Erica Ewell  5/1/13

I love this dentist.  We have been coming here since my oldest was 3 and she is now 16.  I wish Dr. B. saw adult patients.
Jennifer Andrews  4/30/13

I was very pleased with my son’s appointment with him.
C. L. 4/30/13

I believe that they did a very good job and were very respectful and kind.  I can’t wait to come here again.
Lucy Raposa 4/30/13

Very happy with the service, very clean place and good personnel.
E. N. 4/29/13

Office very clean and friendly.  Always entertaining kids to keep them from getting upset.
Stephan Lowney  4/29/13

Many years of great service.  Perfect for the toodler years.
D. M. 4/29/13

The place is very clean, very friendly workers.  The Drs. Are very nice, very pleased with the place.
Lisa 4/29/13

Awesome place, staff is very informative every step of the way.  I am glad I switched dentist for my children.
John R.  4/29/13

Very impressed with everything!
Heather M. 4/29/13

Great office.  The staff is great.  I have been coming here for years.
F. J. 4/29/13

I am always pleased with the service here.  Everyone is friendly and everything is well explained.
Laurie Pereira 4/2713

Excellent.  Joanne is amazing.  Very satisfied.
A. N. 4/2713

No complaints about anything.  Everyone is nice and pleasant.  I’m glad I switched my kids to this office.
D. D. 4/27/13

Very pleased with service.
Z. S. 4/27/13

They are very nice to my kids.  My kids love coming here.
A. C. 4/27/13

I have three girls who come here.  Everyone is always extremely helpful.
S. L. 4/26/13

The dentist and staff are great!  They make my child who has a sensitive gag reflex feel very comfortable!!
Jenette Calhoun 4/25/13

Ms. Julie was very informative and patiently answered all my questions.  Was extremely nice to my granddaughter.
B.G. 4/24/13

Great visit – thanks!
B. M.  4/24/13

Very kind and nurturing.
K. G. 4/24/13

Pediatric dentist has a friendly and helpful staff, always pleased with the quality of service.
Meg M. 4/24/13

The practice is geared toward giving the patients the best treatment and preventive care.
P. M. 4/24/13

It was my son’s first trip to the dentist.  He was very nervous.  The hygienist made him feel super comfortable and explained everything she was doing to him.  It was wonderful.
A. D. 4/24/13

Always feel welcomed here like family.  When my daughter gets nervous, you know how to make her comfortable.  Thanks.
B. R. 4/24/13

Wonderful office and staff!
H. T. 4/24/13

This office is great.  Love the staff!  Great people and my daughter enjoys coming here.  Would not take her anywhere else!  Thank you all!
N. H.  4/24/13

The team of Laura, the hygienist, and Dr. Buccino are fantastic!  They have helped my children overcome their fears of the dentist.
Jane. B. 4/24/13

The office staff as well as the hygienists have always been very pleasant and professional.  I work in early intervention and have made numerous referrals to this office.
M. G. 4/24/13

I like the way, manner in which the dental hygienists and dentist speaks with kids.  I think they are very approachable and pleasant, making the visit fun and informative.  Really happy with everything!
J. A.  4/23/13

Very friendly and helpful.  Great interaction!
E. L. 4/23/13

We were well informed.  We had a great visit.
J. B.  4/26/13

The hygienist was very good at explaining everything to both me and my child.  The dentist visit can be a scary thing for a child, but the way they talked us through each step of the visit made it less intimidating for my child.
James B.  4/25/13

The hygienist are wonderful. Very patient.  Would not even think of bringing my kids elsewhere.   Entire staff is professional, courteous and very patient. 
Christie W.  4/25/13

Very patient staff with my anxious child. 
W.S. 4/24/13

The staff are all great with children.  I would highly recommend this office to friends and family with children. 
S. D. 4/23/13

Hygienists are excellent! 
J. I. 4/23/13

The staff at this office is great!  We have 3 children and they spend time with each one and never make us feel rushed.  Our children love coming to the dentist! 
L. L.  4/23/13

My granddaughter is always comfortable when she visits this office.  The people here are friendly and always thorough.  The atmosphere makes the children comfortable. 
D. M.  4/22/13

The hygienists are amazing with the children! 
J.S.  4/22/13

Great visit.  Very helpful staff.  Excellent dentist practice for children.  Very patient and caring for the child’s needs. 
J. G.  4/22/13

We recently switched from another pediatric dental practice and I’m so happy we did.  I am very pleased with the care both of children have received. 
Allyson Girard  4/22/13

We are very happy with Dr. Buccino and his staff.  They explained everything to both myself and my son. 
Lynn S.  4/22/13

Very happy!  Ms. Julie has been taking care of my daughter with special needs for years and she is fantastic with her. 
Nancy Milinazzo  4/22/13

We have traveled from Cape Cod for 16 years to Dr. Buccino  Not always fun crossing the bridge in July, but completely worth it. 
Lauren Bartlett-Cahill  4/22/13

Dr. Buccino and staff are extremely kind and considerate of their patients’ needs and feelings.  They take extra time and patience to ensure your children are comfortable and not scared or nervous.
Lynn Costa  4/20/13

Dr. Buccino and his staff care about the children and always allow time for each child’s needs. 
Jennifer Wyatt  4/20/13

It’s always a pleasure coming here.  My daughter has fun and that is because Dr. Buccino and his staff provide a comfortable environment for children.  She looks to her next visit and the prize basket! 
Kim Perry  4/19/13

If you have any kids that need to see a pediatric dentist, I recommend Dr. Buccino’s team. 
Helena F. DeSousa 4/19/13

I will tell everyone to come here!  Dr. Buccino and his staff do a wonderful job at taking care of my triplets teeth!  The office is also neat and clean.
J.T.  4/19/13

Staff works wonderfully with the kids.  Best pediatric dentist I have found. 
Kristy C. 4/19/13

I am very pleased with Dr. Buccino and Dr. Oliveira and their staff.  Very friendly and they make their patients comfortable.  Also, love Alma – she’s a peach!
C. D.  4/18/13

Yes, helpful to apprehensive kids. 
D.J. 4/18/13

Julie is the reason why we come to Dr. Buccino’s office.  She is so kind and pleasant.  My kids love her. 
M.M.  4/18/13

My children and I love coming to the dentist here.  My son has disabilities and I have left numerous dentist offices in tears because of his behavior.  The staff here has done wonders for him and today he sat in the chair, laid down and had no melt down or issues!!
Shannon F.  4/18/13

The team did awesome work with my children.  They are especially good with special needs kids.  I will refer my friends and family here. 
Jennifer Kennison  4/18/13

Very friendly and caring staff. 
Timothy B. 4/18/13

They keep the parents and children very involved and engaged in their oral health. 
R.B.  4/17/13

Everyone in the practice is always so attentive and patient with my children.  They also give good advice on how to care for their teeth and gums between visits. 
M.L. 4/18/13

Staff is always pleasant and so patient and wonderful with my daughter.  Every visit is a wonderful experience! 
Shelly M.  4/17/13

I have three children going to you guys and I am happy with the team. 
M.L.  4/17/13

Very pleased with staff, service and treatment. 
Amy D.  4/17/13

I am very happy with Dr. Buccino and his staff.  They are very helpful and informative with any questions I may have regarding my three daughters. 
Lisa. B. 4/17/13

I have both of my children (Boy 7, Girl 5) here.  They love this place.  Like most kids they were scared, but quickly found there was nothing to be scared of. 
Melissa Murphy 4/17/13

Very professional and courteous service. 
Jim S.  4/17/13

My child is never nervous or scared because the team is amazing.  We love coming here.
Samantha M. 4/17/13

Dr. Buccino has a very calm demeanor which helps to relax my children.  The dental assistants are always friendly and welcoming.
Pamela B.  4/17/13

I am very happy with my daughter’s treatments here.
D.C. 4/17/13

All my children have come to Dr. Buccino.  Have always been happy with treatments they have received. 
Ann Arpin  4/17/13

I have three children ages 13, 11 and 10.  We have been coming here since they had teeth.  Great dentist, great office.  I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. 
Stacey G.  4/17/13

A happy family environment where the kids are treated kindly and where they help educate the kids on better oral hygiene. 
K.D.  4/17/13

Dr. Buccino and his staff are friendly and attentive and always perform a great job.  C.B. 4/17/13

After a horrifying experience at another “kid friendly” dentist office, my 3 year old was terrified of going to the dentist’s.  Dr. Buccino was so understanding and patient with my son, slowly gained his trust, and now my son loves him!  I have three children, and all of them enjoy coming here, and all of the staff at Kids Dental Care thank you. 
Bethanie A.  4/17/13

The staff are always professional, considerate and extremely personable with my four children.  They help to create a positive dental experience creating enthusiasm about the importance of dental health.
M.L.  4/16/13

I was very impressed with how friendly, patient and professional the staff was with myself and my children. 
Donna C.  4/16/13

I always receive great service and my questions are always answered thoroughly. 
J. F.  041613

Would recommend Dr. Buccino to anyone.  Really pleased with all services.
Samantha C. 4/16/13

The staff here are very informative and friendly.  My child doesn’t give me any sign of not being comfortable here, which makes the visit pleasant. 
J.S. 4/16/13

Both my children are patients of Dr. Buccino and his staff, and they are excellent with my children.  They are always very polite and patient with my kids and I would recommend them to anyone I know.
B. R. 4/16/13

My daughter loves coming to see Dr. Buccino.  She feels comfortable with the staff also.  Thank you for great service.
Vania Dunne  4/16/13

The girls and Dr. Buccino are fantastic with my son!  I have already recommended friends and will continue to do so.  I love the hygienists and Dr. Buccino.  They are fantastic and make my son comfortable each and every visit.  I will continue to send friends and family to Dr. Buccino. 
Tiffany Servant  4/16/13

I would absolutely recommend Kids Dental Care to my family and friends.
Debbie Dumais 4/15/13

The office staff always helps with scheduling that fits my family’s needs. The office is great. They have made dealing with my daughter’s teeth a great experience instead of traumatic for her.
Kim D.   4/15/13

Very pleased with the wait time today.
R.F. 4/15/13

Dr. Buccino’s office has always been thorough and wonderful.  Thanks for taking care of our son. Pauline McGrath  4/15/13

I love you guys.  You are excellent in treating my children.
Jennifer DeCosta  4/15/13

My son Jayden had a traumatic experience in the past.  This office has been wonderful, very patient and understanding.  The experience here has been so warming Jayden is not horrified any longer.
C.G. 4/15/13

They are so fantastic here my daughter loves coming in and getting her teeth worked on or cleaned!  Dorothy Souza  4/15/13

My 7 year old completely understood everything that needed to be done.  Both child and parent were quite comfortable.  Thank you.
Scott L.  4/15/13

Ms. Julie is great, very patient and explains everything.  The staff is great and very efficient, very patient with children and explain what’s happening through every step.  Hygienists are wonderful!  Holly Correia  4/15/13

The staff was very professional during my son’s appointment.  He had sealants put on and the staff was very calm and knowledgeable and reassured my son during the appointment. B.S. 4/15/13

Great experience here for my daughter who is always anxious about being seen in the office.
Erinn L. 4/15/13

“Always a good experience at Dr. Buccino/Dr. Oliveira’s office.  They always explain what’s in store and make the kids comfortable.  They are always patient and move at the kids pace.  Thank you! “
Amy  J.  4/12/13

“I have been coming to Kids Dental Care for years.  Each time is a great experience.  Highly recommended.”
David B. 4/12/13

“Dr. Buccino and all the hygienists are wonderful and work well with all my children.”
Christin Pereira  4/12/13

“Both my children have had a very easy time at their dentist appointments since we have started coming here.   I have never been able to complete an appointment anywhere else.  All staff are very kind and helpful.  Direct care staff very patient and engaging.”
A. D.  4/13/13

“Very satisfied with the hygienist.”
Casandra Ireland  4/13/13

“Everyone here is great with my kids, and the wait time is not long.”
Stephanie Trenholm  4/13/13

“My son actually loves coming to this office.  I don’t know how many 9 year olds would say that they love the dentist; but everyone here is so friendly and make the office very welcoming!  Keep up the good work!”
Kristie C.  4/13/13

“My children always have a great experience here.  Everyone is patient, friendly, caring and professional.”
C.C.  4/13/13

“I have already recommended the office to my cousins.  The staff is very kind and gentle with the children.  I told my family to bring all the children here. Great staff!”
Monconjaye. D.  4/13/13

“The staff is very professional and cater well to the dental needs of our children.  It is comforting to have sapient dental care with a gentle approach to our children.”
Mark Tucker  4/13/13

“I would never consider taking my children anywhere else for their dental care.  Dr. Buccino and the team are incredible with the children!  My youngest was very anxious for her first appointment, but was instantly put at ease with the care and love she received!  I would and have recommended this practice to everyone I know with children!”
Cara L. Boudreau  4/13/13

“The staff is so wonderful and caring with my children.  My daughter has what refer to as “dental anxiety”.  The hygienist is always so patient with her and ensures that our visit ends with positive feelings.”
Dana Coute  4/13/13

“I feel Dr. Buccino, the dental assistants and hygienists are all very friendly and my children are very comfortable with them.”
E.W.  4/13/13